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This dos not use any framework and can be integrated with everything (besides encrypted resources)

I know something like this has been done before, but this is my take on how to do it, I got the idea for doing this quite some time ago, and finally got around to actually creating it, instead of just thinking about it.

The way Blips are registered are via exports, why? Because a lot of script got a build in way of doing blips, and converting that to using an export is fairly easy to do, I have made some examples on my discord, and I am more than willing to help you learn how to integrate it in to your scripts.

Everything can be done via exports.

exports.bzn_blip_handler:RegisterBlipGroup('groupName', 'label', 'scale', 'show')
exports.bzn_blip_handler:RegisterBlip('groupName', 'label', 'position', 'sprite', 'color')

And yes it’s possible to have blips from different scripts in the same group! If you restart a script that registered blips, they will be auto removed, so it’s ready to get new blip data from your script.

The code is written with performance in mind, and only uses very little CPU usage, when the script loads for the player, or if a resource is restarted, a garbage collection script will be triggered to run after one minute, to ensure the lowest amount of memory is used on the players computer.

The JavaScript is handcrafted to fit this script 100% and key event listeners are ONLY running when UI is open, most other script sadly tends to have listeners for KeyUp, og Mouseclicks active all the time.

The config file is well documented and there is only a few options needed.

Config.EnableDebug = true -- Set to false when you are done integrating to avoid users getting console spam.

Config.BlipHandlerCommand = 'blipsettings' -- Change the command to open Blip Handler UI default is /blipsettings.

Config.UseKeyMapping = false -- You can select if you want to use key mapping for opening Blip Handler UI.

Config.DefaultBlipHandlerKey = 'U' -- Default key to open Blip Handler UI.


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