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BZN Blip Handler
21/11-2021 v1.0.3
Rewritten the ESC code to use KeyMapping, removing the CPU usage listening for ESC key, now supports P key to.

So now KeyMapping and Command will work again when ESC feature is enabled.

Added config option to change UI position you can select 'right' or 'left'
BZN Blip Handler
21/11-2021 v1.0.2 – You can now decide what side you want the UI in, by changing the fxmanifest.lua file, if you change index_right.html in ui_pages and files, to index_left.html the UI will be located on the left side.
BZN Blip Handler
21/11-2021 v1.0.1 – Added feature so the UI opens when you open the pause menu via ESC – this adds a bit of CPU usage when activated since it uses a different way for registering key presses.