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My name is BenZoN (Middle name) my birthname is Søren but I rarely use this name, since I have been called BenZoN the most of my life.

I started coding when I was 14 years old, and got my first computer, back then it was mainly HTML where I used the worst program in the world Microsoft Frontpage, slowly started to gain interest in other coding languages, so I started playing around with CGI, Perl and PHP, back then they where the 3 main coding languages for website functionality, like “fancy” counters, or guestbooks.

I’m an avid gamer, started out playing CS 1.6 later I was a part of founding a tournament/community called OneDayCup, but then World of Warcraft came around, and CS completely lost my interest, instead I started playing WoW for way to many years, but I even did addons for the game, this was the first time I encountered lua, back then it was more hack and slash code I did when it came to lua.

In 2018 one of my friends suggested we should try this GTA V Roleplay thing called FiveM, I was hesitant since I tried ARMA RP and that was a no go for me, the mechanics in that game are terrible, you can’t even JUMP!

But he talked me in to trying FiveM, and I enjoyed my time playing, but then started gaining interest for coding and developing for FiveM, back then there were 2 big frameworks, Essentialmode and vRP, some guys had made this extended version of Essentialmode – es_extended, and that quickly became my main framework, since I didn’t really like vRP, all there proxys and what not, and one menu to rule them all, it was just not for me!

I then founded a community together with two friends called DanishRP, and that’s more then 3 years ago now, so I have been in the game for a long time.

I recently decided to leave DanishRP, to take on new adventures, and that’s one of the reasons I finally got time to create script that I am able to sell/release, one of my main goals are to deliver high quality code, and optimized code, no one likes wasting CPU or memory.

My github will show that I have done a couple of releases, I’m even a part of a release called esx_gsr, even tho it’s not tied to my github, and I did a few PR’s. here and there to support the ESX community, mainly security updates, to patch out flaws that could be used by cheat engine.

Hope you are gonna enjoy my releases, I take one day at a time, so let’s see where this goes!

- BenZoN